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HANDS FREE dog walking belt


Introducing our latest innovation in dog walking accessories – the Waterproof Hands-Free Dog Walking Belt! With its durable honeycomb webbing, measuring 2xm wide, this belt is designed to provide a secure and comfortable walking experience for you and your furry friend.

The belt is fully adjustable, ensuring that it can fit around anyone's waist with ease. Whether you're a small, medium, or large size, this belt will be the perfect fit for you. The secure quick-release buckle allows for easy and convenient attachment and detachment, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

Equipped with two D rings, this belt offers versatile functionality. You can attach not only your dog's leash but also additional accessories such as poo bags or even another dog! The second D ring, strategically placed at the front near the buckle, ensures that your dog remains close by your side at all times.

To top it off, our Waterproof Hands-Free Dog Walking Belt comes in a variety of vibrant honeycomb colors. Choose from our range of stylish options to match your personal style and make a fashion statement while enjoying your walks with your four-legged companion.

Experience the convenience, comfort, and style of our Waterproof Hands-Free Dog Walking Belt. Say goodbye to juggling leashes and hello to a hands-free walking experience like no other!

Available in sizes:

Medium – 60 cm – 100 cm

Large – 75 cm – 140 cm

XLarge – 85 cm – 155 cm


Black, Purple, Royal blue


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