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Short lead BIOTHANE® handle, W 19mm Traffic control


Our Waterproof/Biothane™ Short Lead is a versatile and convenient tool for dog walking and training. Made from high-quality, waterproof biothane™ material, this lead is durable and resistant to water, dirt, and odors.

With its attached handle, you can maintain full control of your dog during walks or training sessions. The handle is designed for a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring that you can enjoy your outings without hand fatigue.

The lead also features a traffic control attachment, allowing you to quickly switch from a short lead to a longer 5m training lead. This gives you the flexibility to keep your dog close in crowded areas or give them more freedom during training sessions.

Upgrade your dog walking and training gear with our Waterproof/Biothane™ Short Lead. Experience convenience, durability, and control today!

Weight 0.12 kg

VIOLET, 14', 37 cm, VIOLET, 17' 44 cm, VIOLET, 21' 54 cm, TEAL, 14', 37 cm, TEAL, 17' 44 cm, TEAL, 21' 54 cm, Black, 14', 37 cm, Black, 17' 44 cm, Black, 21' 54 cm


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