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Dried treats, LAMB head skin, 100g


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Introducing our Lamb Head Skin, a fantastic long-lasting chew for dogs. Made from 100% natural, dried lamb head skin, these chews are a great reward or treat for your furry friend.

Our Lamb Head Skin chews not only provide a satisfying chewing experience but also offer dental benefits. They act as a natural toothbrush, helping to reduce plaque on your dog's teeth while keeping them occupied. These chews are highly popular among dog owners as they clean teeth and gums, promoting good oral hygiene.

These chews are made from natural lamb skin without any artificial colourings, additives, or preservatives. They are 100% natural and provide a safe and healthy option for your dog. With a high protein content of 57.02% and a low moisture content of 7.34%, these chews are not only enjoyable but also nutritious.

Our Lamb Head Skin chews are suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies, as they contain no artificial ingredients that could cause digestive issues. They are also long-lasting, ensuring that your dog will have hours of chewing pleasure.

The composition of our Lamb Head Skin chews is 100% lamb, providing a high-quality and natural source of nutrition for your dog. The analytical constituents of these chews are as follows: Protein 57.02%, Fat Content 31.54%, Inorganic Matter 3.96%, Moisture 7.34%.

These chews are suitable for puppies as well, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of this natural and satisfying treat.

As with any natural treat, it is important to supervise your pets while they are enjoying their Lamb Head Skin chew. Always ensure a fresh supply of drinking water is available for your dog's hydration needs.

Choose our Lamb Head Skin chews for a long-lasting and natural chew that promotes dental health and keeps your dog entertained. With no artificial additives or preservatives, these chews are a great option for dogs with sensitive tummies. Enjoy the high protein content and long-lasting nature of this 100% lamb treat.

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