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Dried treats, LAMB skin Braided

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Introducing our Braided Lamb Dog Chew, a delicious and healthy treat made from 100% pure Lamb Skin. These chews are not only tasty but also low in fat, making them a great option for dogs who are sensitive to beef or pork.

Our Braided Lamb Chews are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. They are safe and highly digestible, ensuring that your pet can enjoy them without any digestive issues. Whether you use them for training or as a snack, these chews are a perfect treat for your furry friend.

Made from 100% air-dried Lamb Skin, our Braided Lamb Chews have now been supersized, making them ideal for larger dogs or aggressive chewers. They are high in protein and low in fat, providing a healthy and satisfying chewing experience. These chews are also hypoallergenic, making them suitable for dogs with allergies or sensitivities to beef or pork.

Our Braided Lamb Chews are highly palatable and easily digestible, making them a great anytime snack for your dog. They are also perfect for enrichment activities and promote good dental hygiene. Chewing on these braided chews helps to clean your dog's teeth and gums, reducing the risk of dental issues.

These chews are great starter chew and can be found in our 12-week puppy bundle, providing a safe and enjoyable chewing experience for young dogs.

Key advantages of our Braided Lamb Chews include being grain and gluten-free, hypoallergenic, high in protein for muscle and tissue repair, low in fat, and rich in natural vitamins and minerals. They are responsibly sourced, ensuring that you are giving your dog a high-quality and sustainable treat. These chews are suitable for puppies 12 weeks and over, making them a versatile option for dogs of various ages.

In addition, our Braided Lamb Chews promote good dental hygiene by encouraging chewing, which helps to clean teeth and gums. They also release endorphins while chewing, contributing to good mental health for your dog.

Our Braided Lamb Chews are easily digestible, ensuring that your dog can enjoy them without any digestive issues. They are a healthy and nutritious choice, providing a natural and wholesome treat option for your pet. These chews contain no additives or preservatives, offering a pure and high-quality snacking option for your dog.

Product Information:

– 100% Lamb Skin

– Analytical Constituents: Raw protein 85.5%, Raw fat 5.3%, Moisture 6.8%, Raw ash 2.1%


150g, 60 g


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