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HANDS FREE Adjustable Waterproof Biothane® multi-functional lead – L 2.5m, 8ft


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The Biothane® Hands-free Adjustable Multi-functional Training Lead is designed to make dog walking easier and more convenient. It is made from a waterproof material that is strong, durable, and doesn’t absorb odors.

This lead can be worn around your waist or over your shoulder, allowing you to walk your dogs hands-free. It is specifically designed for walking two dogs at the same time.

You can adjust the lead to have a short length for close control or extend it up to 8 feet for a longer line. This gives you the flexibility to adapt to different walking situations.

The lead also has a traffic control/close control option, which helps you navigate busy areas safely. It also allows for easy supervised tethering, providing a secure environment for your dogs.

With its versatile functions, our adjustable lead ensures that you can handle various situations while keeping your dogs safe and secure.


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