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Anco Naturals Bully Twists, 100 g


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Introducing Anco Bully Twists, the ultimate treat for your furry friend. These delicious twists are made from 100% pure beef bladder, ensuring a high protein content that is essential for providing energy and building/maintaining strong muscles.

What sets Anco Bully Twists apart is their natural air-dried process. This leaves them with an enticing scent and taste that your dog will find irresistible. Your pup will eagerly anticipate each bite, making it a delightful experience for them.

Not only are these twists a tasty treat, but they also offer dental benefits. As your dog chews on the Anco Bully Twists, they help remove tartar from their teeth, acting as a natural toothbrush. This promotes good oral hygiene and contributes to fresher breath.

Anco Bully Twists are suitable for puppies over 8 weeks old, making them a fantastic choice for training or rewarding your furry companion. However, it's important to remember that these treats should be given responsibly and as part of a nutritionally balanced diet. We recommend supervising your pet while they enjoy their treat and ensuring they have access to fresh drinking water at all times.

Choose Anco Bully Twists for a high-protein, flavorful, and dental-friendly treat that your dog will adore. Give them the best while supporting their overall health and well-being.




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