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Training Treats Pure RABBIT


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Introducing our 100% Rabbit Training Treats! These delectable treats are specially formulated for training purposes and are made with high-quality rabbit protein. Here's why these treats are a fantastic choice for your furry companion:

– 100% Natural: Just like our beef and duck treats, our rabbit training treats are made from 100% rabbit protein. We believe in providing your dog with a natural and wholesome snack that they will love.

– Suitable for All Ages: Whether you have a lively puppy or a wise senior dog, our rabbit training treats are suitable for dogs of all ages. From the early stages of training to maintaining good behavior, these treats are perfect for rewarding your furry friend.

– Training Aid or Special Treat: Our rabbit training treats can be used as a training aid during obedience training or simply given as a special treat to show your dog some extra love. The delicious taste will keep them motivated and engaged.

– Regular Feeding: These treats can be incorporated into your dog's regular diet. They can be given as a daily snack or used during training sessions. With their high-quality protein content, our rabbit training treats contribute to a healthy and balanced diet.

The composition of our 100% Rabbit Training Treats is as follows:

– Constituents (per 100g):

– Crude protein: 38.5%

– Crude oils and fats: 31.8%

– Crude ash: 18.55%

– Moisture: 10.7%

Please note that the feeding guide for these treats is not provided in the information you shared. However, we recommend supervising your pet when giving them treats or chews and ensuring that fresh drinking water is always available for your dog.

Treat your furry friend to the delightful taste and nutritional benefits of our 100% Rabbit Training Treats. Order now and discover a training experience that is both enjoyable and rewarding for your dog!


100g, 250g


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