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NOVA Tripe sticks Dog Treats


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Introducing Antos Nova Paddock Farm Tripe, a treat that is not only low in phosphorus but also packed with gut-boosting probiotics to support your pup's digestive health. Made with 100% beef tripe, this treat provides all the goodness your dog needs to thrive.

Here are some key features of Antos Nova Paddock Farm Tripe:

– Contains a gut-boosting probiotic that helps improve digestion and promotes overall health

– Made with 100% beef tripe, ensuring a high-quality and natural treat

– Low in phosphorus, making it suitable for pups with kidney problems

The ingredients of Antos Nova Paddock Farm Tripe are simple:

– 100% Beef Tripe

The typical analysis per 100g of Antos Nova Paddock Farm Tripe is as follows:

– Crude protein: 77.0%

– Crude oils and fats: 8.0%

– Moisture: 9.0%

With a high crude protein content of 77.0% per 100g, this treat provides the necessary nutrients for muscle development and overall health. The moderate crude oils and fats content at 8.0% ensures a balanced snack for your dog. The moisture content of 9.0% contributes to the treat's texture and flavor.

It is important to supervise your dog when feeding any treat and ensure that fresh water is always available. With Antos Nova Paddock Farm Tripe, you can provide your pup with a delicious and healthy treat that supports their digestive system.

Give your dog the goodness of Antos Nova Paddock Farm Tripe and enjoy seeing them thrive with a happy and healthy tummy.


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