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TropiClean Lime and Coconut Shed control Conditioner, 592 ml

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Tropiclean Shampoo
From smelly to snuggly in a snap! Aloe & Coconut shampoo tackles unwanted odours and does it without the use of any nasty chemicals. A proper odour remover, this shampoo doesn’t just mask but makes sure to eliminate them, leaving the coat fresher for longer.
Smelly to Snuggly
Natural Proteins and Aloe work to restore moisture balance to the coat while also eliminating odours after just one wash. This blend of gentle, natural ingredients also includes mallow and papaya which combine to leave the coat silky smooth and wonderfully soft, making it impossible to avoid snuggling your pet anytime you get the chance!
The Natural Choice
TropiClean shampoos are formulated using 100% naturally derived ingredients. What does this mean? It means these ingredients are either sourced from naturally occurring raw materials or are adapted from naturally-occurring plant or animal-based materials. As a result, your pet gets a gentle, pH-balanced shampoo that is free from soap, paraben and dyes!
Smelly to snug




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