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WAU DOG LIKER Cord ball for dogs with rope


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The Liker Cord ball is an ideal toy for encouraging and increasing the game motivation of dogs.

Helps to play the dog

Increases training intensity

Ensures the safety of the owner's hands: a special rubberized cord does not cut the palm, creates a safe distance between the hand and the dog's teeth

Handy for tug-of-war games

Easily cast over a long distance

It is non-toxic, gently chewable and does not injure the dog's teeth/gums.


LikerCord is not just a ball! This is a toy that you and your pet will love! The unique material of LIKER allows it to combine the best properties of dog toys made of different materials (rubber, plastic, nylon and cotton).


Liker is light and maneuverable. Just throw it away. With a long throw, the ball, due to its unique shape, can slightly change the trajectory of the flight, adding excitement to the game. Unlike heavy tennis shoes, they cannot break a window or knock down an object


Water games will now become more interesting. LIKER does not sink and is almost completely above the surface of the water. It is especially good to use it if your dog does not like or does not know how to swim – it will be easy to learn with LIKER.


The unique material from which LIKER is made is non-toxic, chewable and does not injure the dog's teeth and gums. It is impossible to injure yourself with the ball, since the material, although elastic, is soft. LIKER is useful to a large extent. Once inside, the dog's teeth are cleaned. The dirty ball is easily washed. Dirt does not linger on this material, which means that bacteria will not enter the dog's mouth.

The ball will make your friend happy, and you too! LIKER is very difficult to lose! It will not sink into the snow, will be visible in the grass and does not sink in water. And you can see its color even on the darkest day.

We recommend hiding the LIKER after the game. In this case, your dog will feel great interest in the ball and will start each new game with great enthusiasm.

We recommend playing under supervision. Make sure that your pet does not swallow the ball or its parts.


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