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WillToGo Belt for Canicross, Jogging, Skijoring, bikejoring, dog trekking


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Belt from Ukrainian producer Will to go is designed for canicross, skijoring, and dog trekking

This model designed with a big removable pocket, which can be used for personal items or treats, deep and roomy enough to put a phone, food packaging (sampler), keys at the same time. The pocket can be used either on the belt or separately on your clothing belt. A special mesh for the phone is built into the pocket, in case you want to put personal items + food in the cage. The pocket is securely fixed, does not slide, does not shift to the sides, does not interfere with walking or jogging.

Important: the pocket is removable, so you can use it both on the belt itself and on the front on the wide belt strap, having previously pulled the pocket through the strap.

This type of belt is made in such a way that the traction force is distributed directly on the part of the thighs that is covered by the belt, as well as on the buttocks, thereby limiting the pressure on the abdominal muscles and the spine. It has a large enough area to cover the lower back, which allows even people with back problems to do sports and feel comfortable with constant tension from the side of the dog. It is made of water-repellent material and provides good traction due to two types of fastening of the leash (by a webbing or by a separate carabiner).

The belt is adjustable in all parts of the webbing, having eight adjustment points. A great choice for dog trekking as well, it has an additional plastic attachment that can be used for essential accessories during hikes or walks (leash, treat bag, dog poo bags, etc.). The soft double mesh lining is stitched along the entire length of the waistband and is one of the most popular materials in production due to its three-dimensional weave structure and unmatched lightness and strength.

The pick-up webbing ensures correct and reliable fixation of the belt during active walks or running, if necessary, it is completely removable, available in different colour options. Please note that the correct position of the belt is on the hips; it is dangerous to use a belt on the waist, during sharp jerks from the dog's side, you can get an injury, or a dangerous load on the musculoskeletal system. For the correct position of the belt and its fixation, be sure to use a pick-up webbing, having previously adjusted all its parts according to your dimensions, do not neglect the rules for using ammunition.

For better visibility and safety in the dark, reflective elements are built into the belt.

Belts are made in different colours, plain and with ethnic ornament

Weight 0.38 kg

Red, Green, Black with ornament


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