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All -natural dog trear

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  • Moose chew


    Introducing our Moose Hide Dog Chews – a durable and delicious treat for your furry friend. Made from the entire moose hide, including the premium upper layer, these chews offer unique, long-lasting, and allergy-free fun from a genuine natural product. We use only the best-quality part of the hide, ensuring no trimmings or surplus products are included. Any surplus material is repurposed for organic fertilizer, contributing to sustainable practices.

    RAUH! Dog Chews are handcrafted in Finland with the finest ingredients, following a meticulous manufacturing process tailored for creating top-quality dog snacks. Each chew is made from a single piece of hide using a traditional drying method since 1989, guaranteeing authenticity and quality.

    Key Features:

    – 100% handmade in Finland

    – Bacteriologically clean and safe

    – Promotes oral health by removing plaque and preventing gingivitis

    – Provides a tasty treat and activity for dogs

    – Light with low calorie content

    Nutritional Information:

    – Crude protein: 87.7%

    – Crude fat: 2.1%

    – Moisture: 6.2%

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  • Antler Split Dog Chew

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