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Introducing our exceptional dog bed selection, crafted with utmost care and comfort in mind. Each of our beds features fully removable covers, allowing for easy maintenance and cleanliness. With sizes ranging from small to large, we ensure that every furry friend can find the perfect fit. Among our offerings, our signature Liberty bed stands out, showcasing timeless design and luxurious materials. Additionally, our cave beds provide a cozy retreat for dogs seeking a sense of security and warmth. Explore our range of dog beds and give your furry companion the ultimate lounging experience they deserve.”

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  • Liberty Dog Bed -MUSTANG

    LARGE 50x60 cm L88xW80xH30cm, MUSTANG GREY
    LARGE 50x60 cm L88xW80xH30cm, MUSTANG -GREY/ BAGIRA GREY
  • LIBERTY DOG BED -Bagira -Velour

    MEDIUM 40x50 cm L78xW65xH24cm, Velour Silver Mink 33
    LARGE 50x60 cm L88xW80xH30cm, Velour Volcanic Ash 20
  • Liberty Dog Bed -LOTUS CORDUROY

    MINK BROWN 15, SMALL 30x40 cm L60xW50xH22 cm
    CHOCOLATE BROWN 20, SMALL 30x40 cm L60xW50xH22 cm
    GREY 98, MEDIUM 40x50 cm L78xW65xH24cm
  • Pillow Bed

  • Puppy /Crate Pad Washable

    50*60cm, Blue
    50*60cm, Navy Blue
    60*80 cm, Blue
    60*80 cm, Navy Blue
    60*90 cm, Blue
    60*90 cm, Navy Blue
  • Blanket “Cosy Canine”

    70*100cm, Velour Silver Mink 33
    70*100cm, Velour Walnut 34
    70*100cm, Velour Opal Grey 19
    70*100cm, Suede Mustang Green
    100*140cm, Velour Silver Mink 33
  • LIBERTY DOG BED – Oxford Waterproof

    Oxford Navy Blue (waterproof), LARGE 50x60 cm L88xW80xH30cm
    Oxford Grey (waterproof), MEDIUM 40x50 cm L78xW65xH24cm
    Oxford Grey (waterproof), 2 -XL. 90x60 cm. L115xW85x H30cm
  • AquaRest Memory Foam Dog Mattress

    60*80 cm, Grey
    60*80 cm, Black
    60*80 cm, Navy
    70*100 cm, Grey
    70*100 cm, Black
    70*100 cm, Navy
    80*120 cm, Grey
    80*120 cm, Black
    80*120 cm, Navy
    90*135 cm, Grey
    90*135 cm, Black
    90*135 cm, Navy
  • Cosy Cave Dog Bed

    Small (D 50 cm), Velour Silver Mink 33
    Small (D 50 cm), Velour Sailfish Blue 29
    Small (D 50 cm), Velour Walnut 34
    Medium (D 70 cm), Velour Silver Mink 33
    Medium (D 70 cm), Velour Sailfish Blue 29
    Medium (D 70 cm), Velour Walnut 34
    Large (D 80 cm), Velour Silver Mink 33
    Large (D 80 cm), Velour Sailfish Blue 29
    Large (D 80 cm), Velour Walnut 34
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